12 Korean Dishes You Have To Try If You Like Korean Cuisine

Hot Rice Cake: Tteokbokki

Tteokboki is a little, tube-shaped rice cake that is chewy and is served in one of two ways. It is possible that you can have it in a somewhat fiery sauce with fixings like eggs, noodles, or cheddar, or have it plain on a stick. The dish is exceptionally solid and an extraordinary nibble for the people who aren’t excessively eager. This is one of the most widely recognized Korean road food sources and can be tracked down any place in Seoul. Make certain to ask local people for their number one spot for tteokboki.

The dish is famous in different pieces of South East Asia also, however in the event that you haven’t tasted it previously, we suggest that you attempt it without precedent for South Korea. The glutinous rice cake coordinates magnificently with the red pepper sauce and you should attempt it before you leave Korea.

Fishcake: Odeng-Guk

Likewise referred to similarly as odeng, this is a dish ideal for the virus winters of Korea. It includes fish cakes that are speared and presented with a hot stock. This dish began in Japan yet is currently an extremely durable installation of staple Korean road food. Odeng-guk is a light tidbit that matches well with a beverage or two.

At the point when individuals discuss Korean food sources, most Koreans will allude to this dish. Brimming with complex flavors, you will rapidly comprehend the reason why it is number one. Search for the slow down with the longest queues of local people, and you will track down the best-made rendition of this dish. You ought to involve this strategy as a guideline to track down the best-tasting Korean road food.

Banana And Strawberry Milk

Korea is known for the absolute best snacks on the planet. One of the most famous snacks among local people is banana milk. Otherwise called Binggrae banana milk, named after the biggest organization behind the beverage, is a staple for those who need to battle the intensity of Korean summers. The beverage is found in most corner shops in Korea and is exceptionally simple to get to.

There are a few different brands that make this beverage with a wide range of flavors. On the off chance that you could do without the flavor of banana, then, at that point, go for the strawberry flavor. The beverage was made in an endeavor by the public authority to resolve the issue of unhealthiness.

Most Koreans could have done without the flavor of plain milk, so seasoned banana milk was presented. It was an out-of-control good outcome right away and it keeps on having a huge following of supporters. While this isn’t in fact Korean road food, it certainly is one of the most loved snacks in the country.

Korean Fried Chicken

Without a doubt one of the greatest social imports of Korea after K-pop, Korean broiled chicken is a prepared rendition of seared chicken you may know about. Made with more modest bits of chicken, the dish is in some way or another crunchy while as yet having an exquisite covering of fiery prepared sauce. The stunt lies in that the chicken is twofold seared, which gives it an extra crunchy outside.

It is then immediately covered in a sauce produced using soy sauce, gochujang, ketchup, and honey. You will likewise find different varieties in the sauce which consolidate garlic. The dish is finished off with white sesame seeds. You will find this dish in many spots that serve road food and you can’t turn out badly with it. Get a little or greater piece contingent upon how hungry you are and appreciate one of the most outstanding Korean road food sources.

Korean Sushi: Kimbap

Quite possibly the most well-known dish in the country, the Kimbap has turned into a staple that is inseparable from Korean food sources. It is like maki rolls and has ocean growth that flawlessly keeps intact a filling of tacky rice and vegetables with a chance of meat choices that incorporate fish, chicken, and hamburger.

It is not the same as conventional Japanese food, in that the flavors are more complicated and it is presented with kimchi as a sauce. This Korean road food can be found at practically any traffic intersection in the nation and goes very well with Korean milk pop. The dish is shockingly filling and a solitary roll is sufficient for lunch. Since this is a quick bite, it goes with an incredible decision for when you are on your feet investigating.

Popcorn Chicken: Dakgangjeong

In the event that you need a speedy nibble in a hurry while yet can’t relinquish Korean broiled chicken, then the ideal dish for you is Korean popcorn chicken. It is made exclusively from boneless meat and is in a sauce that has less zest and less garlic. It actually holds the firm surface and complex kinds of the sauce while coming in wonderful reduced-down pieces. This dish is one of the more famous Korean road food sources since it coordinates impeccably with a glass of brew.

You will see younger students getting a charge out of it coming back and grown-ups plunking down with a beverage while they eat the dish with toothpicks. It is tracked down on basically every road in Korea and is a high-priority dish that will transform you. Fortunately, this dish is not difficult to plan even at home, so you won’t feel the distress of partition once you leave Korea.

Korean Deep Fried Vegetable: Twigim

Another extraordinary larger accommodating dish is Korean broiled vegetables. Ideal for even veggie lovers, this dish is inseparable from the savoring society in Korea. Portions of vegetables of all assortments hang tight prepared for the client, which is then newly seared in a hitter that is basically the same as Japanese tempura. The rice-based player is kept virus and afterward streak seared in exceptionally hot oil.

This gives the vegetables a flawlessly fresh yet light covering. The blaze broiling likewise guarantees that it isn’t hindered by an excess of oil. Pick this dish when you need a fascinating side dish and partake in the snapping of new vegetables that are in a split second raised by this strategy for cooking. However marginally one of the more mind-boggling broiled Korean road food sources, you can attempt to duplicate it when with a tad of experimentation.

Egg Bread: Gyeran-Bbang

One more well-known dish with local people, this dish is the ideal headache food. Most local people have their own number one spot that makes Korean egg bread however the most famous with the most stalwart faithful clients is Issac Toast in Myeongdong. The line for this dish can require as long as an hour however the entire stand-by is worth the effort.

The bread is toasted flawlessly while the egg is cooked to the right consistency, practically like a fried egg. The egg is layered with spam or ham and destroyed vegetables which add nibbles to the sandwich. You could erroneously mark this dish as simply one more egg and ham sandwich, yet it is far beyond that. On the off chance that you need a fast answer for a headache, make a beeline for any shop that sells egg brad, in any case, sit tight in line for Issac Toast. Seriously, you will be singing gestures of recognition of this superb Korean road food once you take a chomp of it.

Fish Shaped Pastry: Bungeoppang

A Korean interpretation of the Japanese dish Taiyaki, this dish is, generally, a fish-molded cake that is very well known in the city of Seoul and Busan in the winters. The dish is generally loaded up with red bean glue or green bean glue yet choices incorporate the flavorful yam filling. Bungeoppang is light however fulfilling dish that can make an ideal mid-night nibble. A dish with various surfaces as well as a lovable tasteful, it is straightforward why this Korean road food is a hot-selling number one.

Gamja Hot Dog

In a real sense meant potato wiener, this dish is a debauched enjoyment for every one of the people who love low-quality food. On the off chance that that doesn’t stimulate your taste buds, then, at that point, decide on the second sort where a potato twisting is folded over the sausage and afterward southern style.

The dish is served on a stick and is wonderful as a nibble in a hurry. It is at times tidied for certain flavors to add a second layer to the dish. Most Korean road food slows down sell this habit-forming dish and you should attempt it no less than once on your outing to Korea. The mix of bland potatoes and tasty sausages is difficult to beat, regardless of whether it isn’t the best dish on this rundown.

Dumplings: Mandu

Nothing is very similar to consuming a hot plate of Korean dumplings on a virus winter’s day. A number one among college understudies for its filling and nutritious nature, this dish is one of the most pursued in the country during the winters and is accessible in most little eateries or roads. A Korean dumpling or mandu is generally loaded up with one or the other pork or shrimp however meat and chicken stuffing are likewise accessible in many locales.


Potentially the most nutritious dish that anyone could hope to find in the country, bibimbap is likewise a dish inseparable from the way of life, it has layers of fixings that begin with tacky rice, stew glue otherwise known as gochujang, and a garnish of kelp, veggies, and meat. The dish is typically served unmixed and permits you to select any fixings you dislike and afterward blend and consume the rest.

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